Nak Nam Fu Cha is the milk tea you #needtotrybagomamatay

With the milk tea craze sweeping the nation, milk tea cafes and stalls are looking for creative ways to lure customers to their establishments with great promos and innovative flavors.

This new milk tea joint in Tondo Manila promises to prompt interest by its name alone.

Nak Nam Fu Cha which sounds suspiciously like a swear word, actually tries to channel the Taiwanese vibe for the area where this milk tea craze begun and customers are getting as much laughs as bang for their buck when it comes to value for money.

With a catchy hashtag #MustTryBagoMamatay, the tea shop’s social media team sure has a way with words. But more than the catchy name, it seems like customers also appreciate the delicious milk tea that they serve. The Choco na Batok comes highly recommended by the staff.

Check them out at #1068 Yuseco St., Tondo, Manila near Mercury Drug Store. (ANGEL ONG)

#MustTryBagoMamatay our Choco Na Batok (dark chocolate) Milk TeaLocation: #1068 Yuseco St., Tondo, Manila (Near Mercury Drug Store)Open Daily2PM to 10PM#NakNamFuCha

Posted by Nak Nam Fu-Cha on Thursday, June 27, 2019